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Smartphones Future!

Apple Post-Event Reviews

Unless you are living under a rock, you are familiar with yesterday’s Apple event that took place in Cupertino, California.

This year, Apple has unveiled a new line of iPhones, the iOS 13 and much more.

Now the big question is, is it worth it to switch your iPhone XS, XS Max, XR to the iPhones released this week??

In our opinion, unless trading your old iPhone and paying a small amount to get the new iPhone is an option, switching is not really worthy.

But it eventually depends on the person you are. If you are interested in photography & videography, iPhone pro and its twin brother iPhone pro max are ideal for you because of the huge camera improvements they possess, and the fact that they are targeted to professional photographers and videographers.

Also, they are expected to be more robust, have higher performance, longer battery life, than last year’s phone

However, another important point that may make switching unworthy is the fact that unlike Apple’s competitors Samsung and LG, the new iPhones still don’t support 5g network. However, it is expected to be in 2020.

So, to wrap things up, if you have an iphone6 or 7, switching may be a good option due to the camera improvements, enhanced performance, and longer battery life. However, if you have iphone8 or higher, waiting for next year’s phones may be a better choice.

Let’s not forget Apple’s competitors and what they are working on these days, Huawei will reportedly release a foldable 5G phone that measures 8 inches when open. With the wider display and the faster network. Huawei may be looking to compete with Samsung’s Infinity Flex display, which is said to be released in a new phone rumored to be called the Galaxy X or Galaxy F. It also folds shut and then opens to 7.3 inches. The foldable phones will allow for more efficient multitasking and are considered by some as potential replacements for PCs.

Also, it may be time to say goodbye to wired charges and cables thrown around. Companies like Ossia have been working to find a way to deliver power to your devices similarly to how the internet is delivered by Wi-Fi. This new tech uses radio frequencies between transmitters to send power. How convenient!

Future phones are more likely to be “unbreakable”. Similarly, like Samsung’s July 2018 unbreakable smartphone, cracked screens will be from the past. There is also another potential solution for increasing a phone’s battery life which is solar power. Companies like Samsung, Nokia and others have already begun experimenting with phones that harness power via sunlight.

Remember the time when having a couple of drops of water on your phone is your biggest fear? Me neither! And if you still remember, you will forget sometime soon. For the past few years, companies like Samsung, Sony and Apple have been making their phones less susceptible to water damage. Witch resulted in stronger adhesive on ports and buttons. In the future, smartphones are expected to be more durable and water resistant.

After Samsung presented its Air Gesture feature on the Galaxy S4, it is now Apple’s turn to work on a similar function dubbed touchless gesture control. This feature would let iPhone users perform certain tasks on their phone by moving their fingers close to the screen without touching it.

Bored of only watching objects on your smartphone in two dimensions? Well luckily some companies are developing phones that have a 3D feature and without 3D glasses.

There is already such technology available in the RED Hydrogen One smartphone, which boasts a “holographic” display.

Also, smartphones are expected to be used as sensors for environmental factors. Apple, for example has already begun experimenting with embedding environmental sensors that have the ability to track temperature, oxygen, carbon dioxide levels. All that with your phone.

It is impressive how those little devices would change the world and our lifestyle isn’t it?

Haya Al-Ahmad

Digital Marketing Specialist

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