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SMASCO Back to Schools Campaign

Your employees are your biggest competitive advantage, no matter what industry you’re in. At Frontline

Agency, we understand that, and put a company’s employees at the heart of marketing strategies. This

was the drive behind our creative concept for SMASCO’s video campaign. When assessing their brand,

we learnt how proud and happy their employees are to be part of the company. This is exactly what we

wanted the campaign to reflect, especially in relation to its effect on customer satisfaction. We give

special attention to details in communicating the characteristics of the staff genuinely, especially in their

distinguished speech in Saudi Arabia, to give respect to their true nature in promotion of a positive self-

image and self-esteem.

At Frontline Agency, marketing is not just for capturing the attention and interest of your target

audience but a well-research methodology that adds value to your brand strategy.

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